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Aunt Ann’s In-House Staffing’s Client
San Francisco CA
Job Type:
Full Time
Category: Estate Staff
Position: Fun and Engaging Chef for San Francisco Family
Salary Amount or Range: $145,000 to $175,000 D.O.E. Plus PTO, Paid Sick days and full Medical: 100% paid
Children: 4 children
Bay Area Region: San Francisco

*Local candidates only and ideally live in San Francisco

A young family in San Francisco’s Presidio Heights neighborhood is looking for a Chef that is comfortable cooking family-friendly meals during the week (for 4 children), with the ability to flex to more fine dining for adults as needed. The ideal candidate should have experience working in fine dining, private homes and catering. The chef will be responsible for working side by side with the House Manager around maintaining the pantry and kitchen items in the household, in addition to food for meals. This position also requires travel to Napa and Tahoe residences with advance notice (multiple week period over the summer in Tahoe). The preferred candidate would source from various farmers markets, butchers and vendors to find the best possible ingredients with a focus on organic. Some fluency in Spanish speaking would be preferred. This is a fully staffed home with nannies, housekeepers etc.

Experience Requirements

  • 2 years minimum experience working as private chef with excellent verifiable references

Educational Requirements

  • Fluency in English
  • Some fluency in Spanish preferred


  • Valid driver with clean record
  • Must be clean, organized, and pleasant in the kitchen
  • Blend of private and high-end restaurant experience preferred
  • Experience preparing a variety of cuisines
  • Serving experience
  • Experience adapting recipes for a range of palates (adventurous adults, picky children)
  • Clean, organized, and friendly



  • Daily preparation of meals for the entire family while using locally sourced fresh and organic ingredients whenever possible.
  • California healthy cuisine is preferred for the parents while the children’s food can vary depending on preferences.
  • Working with the House Manager to establish systems and inventory for each kitchen to remain orderly and stocked at all times.
  • Arrival at 1pm daily to check refrigerator and pantry items as well as organize the kitchen as needed.

Meal Preparation

  • Weekly food needs:
    • Daily grab and go lunches for and Mrs.
      • These can be do it yourself salads with options for proteins, toppings and dressings.
      • Lunch and breakfast items that can be easily put together in the mornings for the kids.
        • House Manager to Provide a list of items.
      • Daily afterschool snacks for the kids. These should be easy to make snacks for the nannies or parents that should be easy to travel with on days where the kids have to go straight from school to activities.
  • Nightly dinner service at 5:15pm.
    • Mom is usually alone most weeknights. Should have a composed meal for her. Healthy protein and veggies.
    • Children’s meals are typically based on mom’s meal, but have something like butter noodles or a more basic dish as well for them to eat.
  • Weekend – meals that can be heated up and easily served to the kids.
    • A couple protein options and some sides, but nothing overly complex.
    • Touch base earlier in the week about the weekend schedule.
  • Special Events and Holidays
    • Working with the Principals to develop menus, themes, wine pairing for family holidays.
    • Overall execution of the culinary side of special events, collaborating with Principals, Executive or Personal Assistants, CoS, House/Property Managers or outside event planners as required.
    • Coordinate additional staff or supplies as required.
  • Inventory and Stocking
    • Prior to leaving each night including Fridays, Slack the House Manager with any needs for the following morning from the “Never Outs” list that may have been consumed after she has left for the day.
      • House Manager will then order for the following morning for
      • Friday’s order should include enough for the entire weekend.
  • Manage the main pantry
    • Labeling all open foods with expiration dates.
    • Throw out old items.
    • Help manage the refrigerator.
      • Label all foods with expiration dates.
      • Upon arrival, prior to dinner, throw out any of the dishes you have supplied that have expired.
    • Grocery shopping and procure specialty items orders either online or from specialty shops.

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